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Hygiene and prevention

Professional dental hygiene is indicated for removing plaque, tartar and stains deposited on the teeth. It is essential to keep your teeth healthy, preventing cavities, bad breath and gum and periodontal diseases. It is recommended every 6 or 12 months based on individual characteristics.

The sealing is a medical procedure which consists in the application of a special resin in the grooves of the molars to prevent cariogenic processes, since these teeth are the ones at greater risk due to their anatomical conformation and greater difficulty during hygienic maneuvers home.


In-chair professional whitening is an aesthetic treatment which involves the application of a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel, activated by the laser to penetrate the enamel and able to recover up to eight shades of color for a whiter and brighter smile.

Home teeth whitening can be performed at home by the patient using a custom made tray filled with carbamide peroxide gel.
The treatment can be an alternative to the study treatment or serve as a reinforcement to the same to prolong its effect. It is also indicated for patients suffering from dental sensitivity.

Dental care

Fluoride treatment: in the case of initial caries that have just affected the enamel.

Obturation: when the decay has not yet attacked the dental pulp. The damaged and necrotic parts of the tooth are removed and the cavity is closed with special materials.

Devitalization: when the caries reaches the pulp, devitalization of the tooth is necessary. The dental pulp is removed and replaced with appropriate materials.

Crowns: when the tooth structure is very weakened, a crown can be used, i.e. a custom-made coating that replaces the natural crown of the tooth (the outermost part).

Tooth extractions: in the event that the tooth is damaged to such an extent that it is necessary to remove it to avoid systemic infections.


Fixed multibracket orthodontics

The fixed appliances consist of two structures:

  • the brackets: attachments made of metal, ceramic or resin, which are cemented on
    each tooth;
  • the metal arcs that connect the bindings, and are made of steel or other metal alloys.

They are particularly suitable for adolescents and adults with a high degree of dental crowding and who need fine control of the biomechanical movements aimed at correcting their malocclusion.

The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the malocclusion and can vary from 6 months to 20-24 months.

Orthodontics with clear aligners – Invisalign

The Invisalign system aligns teeth
making use of a series of transparent and removable aligners created to measure that are changed according to the protocol dictated by the orthodontist. The teeth move gradually, week after week, until they reach their intended final position.
To perform their function, aligners must be worn at least 22 hours a day and can only be removed to eat, brush teeth or for special occasions.

The duration of the treatment varies according to the malocclusion to be resolved. It can vary from 6 months to 18-20 months.

Interceptive pediatric orthodontics

It is a treatment aimed at correcting children, before they are already completed growth, skeletal and dental abnormalities so as to:

  • re-establish skeletal facial symmetry
  • create space for crowded erupting teeth
  • reduce the risk of trauma on protruded upper incisors
  • preserve space for teeth not yet
  • decrease the need for subsequent permanent tooth extractions.

This phase does not always eliminate the need for fixed orthodontic treatment in adolescence, but significantly reduces the level of severity and the duration of future treatment.

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Gnathological splint

The splint is a transparent mobile device made to measure and under a doctor’s prescription.
It has multiple functions:

  • prevents the clenching or nocturnal grinding of the teeth, protecting them from wear and tear and from the traumas of these parafunctions
  • Decreases the muscle tensions with benefit of temporomanbilar joints and posture
  • Combats muscle tension headaches.

Multidisciplinary beauty treatments

In combination with orthodontics, it is sometimes necessary to treat the patient also with other dental procedures in order to re-establish the correct dentition both in terms of dental position and in the number and shape of the teeth.

For which it is possible to foresee and design implants, prostheses, aesthetic reconstructions, inlays and veneers. In some cases, gingival remodeling procedures such as gingivectomy or coronally repositioned flap are also indicated.


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